Boyle Abbey, County Roscommon

Stationed here,
this dreary place,
this god forsaken rain.
On my heart a heavy cloud,
as I think what once was ours,
as I sit beneath these broken walls,
as I search in vain for stars.
— Claire Loader

One of the few abbeys in the country that demands a fee, Boyle certainly has some gems to convince you of her worth. A sheela na gig and graffiti from 1724 alone are worth the few euros. John Seeds must have had a lot of time on his hands.

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Annaghdown Cathedral, County Galway

Past wasting weeds
And wasted youth
The stones of life gone by
Lies silent & forlorn
A church bereft of prayer
Where once knelt those pious few
A gift awaits you there.
— Claire Loader

Hardly more than the size of a small shed, it's not difficult to pass this little gem by without a second glance. Yet whether by chance or grand design, the rain has barely managed to even touch what is one of the most beautifully carved windows in Ireland.

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