Adare Franciscan Friary, County Limerick

Arrested in the light of you
I stood and looked in awe
The skies a sharpened shade of blue
Your skirts of striking pink
That rose to kiss the summer sun
That reached up to the skies
That danced amidst the falling stone
That bloomed before my eyes
— Claire Loader

The Keeper of the Friary - so often it falls to the bull, the quiet solitude of crumbling walls protected by ring and horn. Not so in Adare. Nestled instead behind a gauntlet of golf balls, the Franciscan monastery rises from the 14th hole like the blooming towers of Elysium - swaying pink flowers scrambling, filling every nook, every alcove of the sun-kissed stone. The occasional chatter of golfers the only thing that pulls you back to reality, that breaks the spell that perhaps you had indeed stepped inside the halls of beyond.

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