Quin Abbey, County Clare

I ran my hands upon the walls
Fingers soft on stone
Walked like shadows through the halls
Through the ghosts that lingered still
Like the ivy on the towers
The moss upon the path
The rooks that sang of days long gone
Crumbling memories of the past
— Claire Loader

There is something quietly enchanting about a cloister, the soft footfalls of the past still reverberating around its walls.  A predominant feature of Franciscan Friaries, so few in the West are left intact.  But Quin, she is something special.  Walking around her vast halls you cannot help but be transported, whisked into the lilting rhythm of a long lost matins, reaching out from the very stone.

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Kilconnell Friary, County Galway

In life you were my light,
in death you are my flame,
that burns the corners bright,
until we meet again.
— Claire Loader

Storm clouds were building the first time I took the arching path up to Kilconnell Friary, and ever since it has held a certain magic – the clouds roiling in my memory as her carvings found a place in my soul.  One tomb in particular, a work of stunning tracery just inside the West door, the lines like fire curling up the walls, is easily the most beautiful thing I have laid eyes on in Ireland.

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