Castlegrove House, County Galway

Feet snagged by ivy,
where once dancing shoes they tread.
A hall once for laughter,
now for trees to grow instead.
— Claire Loader

Castlegrove House, on the Tuam to Ballinrobe road, is like a forgotten secret, a piece of history given over to the forest. Walking up to the silent remains hidden in the green underbelly of the woods, you feel almost like an intruder - a tiny trespasser amidst the towering memories of the past. The walls looming like forgotten sentinels, keepers now to the trees.

Copyright © 2018 Claire Loader. All Rights Reserved.

Tyrone House, County Galway

Just as the muddy waters ebbed quietly at the shore, so too have you now receded. Like a thousand tiny specs of sand, so too were you lost to the bay.
— Claire Loader

There is a determination about Tyrone House – standing forlorn yet unbroken, like an old war horse too stubborn to finally let its legs rest.  Instead, it faces out to the bay, windows now strung with ivy, the tatters of a once great house, beaming defiance to the sea.

Copyright © 2017 Claire Loader. All Rights Reserved.