Clonfert Cathedral, County Galway

They say we are barbarians,
the harp our only grace,
yet I dare all those who see her,
to say no god dwells in this place.
— Claire Loader

Nothing can really prepare you for the wonder that awaits at Clonfert Cathedral.  Peeking through the gates of this now quiet ecclesiastical site, the eyes take a while to adjust - like stepping out of a dark room into sunlight - but my, when they do.  One of the finest examples of Hyberno-Romanesque architecture in Ireland, the door of Clonfert is simply spellbinding.  Had it been built before Brendan the Navigator was planning his adventures from that very spot, he would indeed have been hard pressed to leave it.

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Annaghdown Cathedral, County Galway

Past wasting weeds
And wasted youth
The stones of life gone by
Lies silent & forlorn
A church bereft of prayer
Where once knelt those pious few
A gift awaits you there.
— Claire Loader

Hardly more than the size of a small shed, it's not difficult to pass this little gem by without a second glance. Yet whether by chance or grand design, the rain has barely managed to even touch what is one of the most beautifully carved windows in Ireland.

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