Kilmaine Abbey, County Mayo

I stood trembling in the long grass
Sunshine warm on stone
Tears falling softly
To the risen earth below

Yet I smiled as I watched
Tiny petals reach like towers
For I’ve not lost you to the earth
Simply to the flowers
— Claire Loader

It's easy to drive by Kilmaine Abbey, nestled as it is between house and shop. And I did, many times, until one sunny day a spree of colour caught my eye and I stopped to go in. Situated on the site of the biggest of St Patrick's three churches, a modest abbey in her winter garb, she is simply a thing of beauty in bloom.

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Ballinrobe Priory, County Mayo

Come to me in the deepest night
and rouse me from my slumber,
from the shackles of my dreams
where pain and pleasure lurk.

Come wake me into daylight
to face what I have forgotten,
all the things I run from
each time I close my eyes.
— Claire Loader

If Ballinrobe Priory had a star sign, it would certainly be Gemini – the Abbey of the Two Faces.  Desolate in her winter garb, the earth damp with long forgotten grief, she comes alive then in summer, flowers blooming in alcoves, life within the stone.

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Shrule Castle, County Mayo

To safety, to the bridge, you will find your refuge there. But instead I found a sword, stuck right into my back, and found instead my refuge in the sound of my last breath.
— Claire Loader

There is an eeriness about Shrule Castle when you learn of the massacre that took place there in 1642 – a group of English settlers seeking safety in Galway, killed by their escort.  The towering De Burgo walls, with their four great bartizans, look on towards the Black River still, watching as the waters speed by and the memory of her lands with it.

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