Abbeyknockmoy Abbey, County Galway

A seat for kings, now for crows
A place for god, now for toes
To tread softly around the quiet stones
And wonder at the weight of time.
— Claire Loader

A dominating feature in the quiet village of Abbeyknockmoy, County Galway, this sprawling Cistercian abbey hides a number of beautiful stone carvings and one of the last remaining medieval frescoes in Ireland. Depicting the 15th century poem 'Three Living Three Dead', you cannot help but feel it almost echo around the empty walls as the crows watch and wait ... "We have been as you are, you will be as we are. Wealth, honor and power are of no value at the hour of your death."

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Claregalway Friary, County Galway

Sunlight ran incandescent over the water to illuminate the leaves lapping at its banks. She stood there, listless, hungry, watching them sway like skirts, shifting greens with the flowing current, until her eyes slowly lifted towards the abbey. The buildings once bustling, once warm, now stood deserted and quiet. And as she studied the tower, the windows slowly crumbling, she sighed. If only it was that they could eat stone.
— Claire Loader

Stuck so often in traffic on the N17, it never bothers me once we get into Claregalway - stopped beside such a beauty, I could stare at the abbey forever.  An imposing yet delicate silhouette, she sits against an ever-changing sky, her huge trace window catching the evening rays, as the sun filters into the chancel and sets the stone alig

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